About the Academy

The Rail Academy was originally established in 2020 as part of SLC Operations Ltd.  Since July 2022 – when SLC Operations was purchased by Rail Adventure GmbH –  it has operated as a separate company working closely for and with Sable Leigh Consultancy (SLC) and Rail Adventure UK Ltd.

The Rail Academy offers a unique, new training and assessment service to the UK Rail Industry.  Through our exclusive industry relationships, we can provide experienced, qualified instructors and assessors across a range of safety critical operations roles that include Train Drivers, Guards, Depot Drivers and Shunters.  And unlike other providers, we have resources available now.

Whether you need an additional instructor to support your in house team delivering your in house programs; want us to deliver core elements for you; do an Apprenticeship EPA; or need a bespoke training and assessment package designed and delivered, we can help.

And to ensure the highest professional standards, all of the instructors we use work in their respective operational roles now and have their own competence tightly monitored and managed in line with an ORR approved Safety Management System.  They all have assessment qualifications and each of them has been quality assessed by us.  CMS files are available for inspection and checking by clients if required.

So whatever you need, we are here to help.  Call or email us and lets start a conversation.



Qualified & Approved

  • Approved to deliver End Point Assessments for Train Driver Apprentices (Level 3)
  • Experienced team of Drivers, Instructors and Guards drawn from UK Passenger, Freight, Engineering and Maintenance Rail Sectors
  • Purpose built training facility at Kings Norton Depot, Birmingham
  • Web based Learning Management System (LMS) to support distance learning

Services Available:

  • End Point Assessments
  • New Driver Training:
    • From Street to Seat in around 26 weeks
  • Hire of Driver or Guard Instructors and Assessors
  • Creation of Digital Training Materials
  • New and Modified Fleet Introduction including:
    • Driver and Guard Training
    • Vehicle Testing and Mileage Accumulation
  • Sentinel Personal Track Safety (PTS):
    • Sentinel Sponsorship
    • New and Refresher PTS Courses
    • DCCR (DC 3rd Rail) Course


  • A training academy on Kings Norton light maintenance depot in Birmingham.
  • Easily accessed by train, bus, road or locally on foot.
  • Classrooms and breakout rooms, remote teaching technology and safe access to rail infrastructure.
  • Train preparation, shunting, coupling, despatch and low speed handling can be done on site
  • Access to main line practical handling and driver simulation
  • On line learning management system and resource library provides access to high quality training materials as well as links to key railway safety information sites and documents.

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